“Swiss Onion Pie”…The best…

Swiss Onion Pie

1 Sleeve Saltines Crackers crushed

6 tbsp Margarine melted

8 slices Bacon fried crispy and crumbled

1 Cup Sweet Onion chopped

2 Cups Swiss Cheese shredded

3/4 Cup Sour Cream

3 Eggs beaten

1/2 Cup American Cheese Shredded

First cook your bacon, you’ll need the fat to brown the onions. 2nd, crush the saltines and add the melted margarine and press into a pie pan for a crust. Now, beat the eggs in a bowl and add in the shredded Swiss Cheese and the sour cream and the crumbled bacon and browned onion. Pour mixture into prepared crust and bake at  375 Degrees for 30 minutes, until a knife inserted in pie comes out clean (no egg clinging) sprinkle remaining Shredded American Cheese on top and return to oven for 3-5 minutes till brown. Remove when top is browned and let stand 5 minutes and serve . I made 1 pie and it lasted 23 minutes. Record time around here…

Photo courtesy of Google source: Life Archive

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