You do the math…

Kate and I were just sharing old Easter memories and talking about the time Dad talked our niece Michaela into making 29 of those solid chocolate Easter Bunnies one for each Grandchild. And how he was just so tickled to hand off to each little one in their Easter best with hats and white gloves and purses or ties and little suits that 2 lbs of solid chocolate Easter bunny. Hmmm…made me think…hmm…that’s when Kate said, “You know I can remember one time before we left to drive home those 50 miles to Geneva, Dad gave me 10 pounds of bananas to take back home with us. I always thought he loved me. But you do the math…10 pounds of Bananas, 4 boys, 50 miles…” 

I laughed so hard I cried.

Photo courtesy of Google source: Life

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