Your amazing effect on the world…

   All those worlds in all those offices that don’t exist anymore were just made up of our individual contributions anyway, we just didn’t know it. Amazing that we can so change the total dynamics of peoples days and lives when we work with them and yet be so oblivious as to our ongoing effect on their very world and soul. I had just finished Stephen Kings’s short story “The things they left behind” about a survivor of 9/11 and the ramifications of working with those other souls, so it was already in the back of my mind the power that comes with every day exposure to somebody elses lives and passions, when I turned on on my computer and went to look at an episode of “The Office”, in it the boss of the office comes in and discusses adopting a baby from China with the receptionist Pam. Needless to say it immediately got me to laughing as she talked him out of it and then finally promised to consider having a baby with him in nothing else worked out for them in say 30 years. Then I got to thinking about all the people I’d ever worked with and they’re effects on my life. How the dear ones sustained me and how the pain in the asses just inspired me to finally just do what I needed to do. And I like to think that there were a few people out there that I encouraged or helped to see just how amazing they are. Particularly young single women with children that needed to know they are raising whole worlds and doing a great job. I can remember just one of those tired beautiful souls when her house loan came through and she had made it though the probationary period and her job was permanent. Such joy she had to realize that all the time she really had been capable of it all. I had just reassured her through it, and now she knew it was true. Amazing young girl that was turning into phenomenal woman who just needed for someone to have a little faith in her and Tell her so…

So remember when you are out there in that world today just doing your job, try to remember how much you and your attitude matter to all those who see and interact and see you everyday. You and your feelings make up the very fabric of other peoples lives and memories and visions of their world.  Be KIND.


Maude Callen, Nurse Midwife in Pineville South Carolina 12/03/1951

 Please God, that some of us should live and work with such grace and compassion.  That’s living right. 

Photo Courtesy Google source : Life

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