What a genius!!! What do ya’mean Archemedies had the idea first?

Engraving depicting  Archimedes and his burning mirrors during the siege of Syracuse

Ok, I was just sitting around pondering the energy problems we all face and it occurred to me that we could use the power of the sun and a few mirrors to multiply it and create and store the power and just have infinite power..right? Well, in looking for an illustration for the article below using a mirror this image came up and come to find out there’s some lame excuse for a brainiac who stole my idea ages ago…a clown named Archimedes, that my Dad used to quote all the time…something about a lever? Anyway I’ll bet Mr. Medies never had my idea of  training that magnifying glass on Washington, D.C. like a bunch of Ants. Well at least it would get those Senators moving faster on this health care bill.

 After all, they have totally FREE medical coverage for LIFE to insure the best care available… if they got those little suntans I’d like to give them!  (Besides if that Socialized Medical Care is good enough for a Senator…it’s good enough for ME.)

For further review of that Smarty Pants ideas go here;  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archimedes    

See if he stole any of your ideas!

Image source Google source: Life

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