My Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

He’s become my Mirror Mirror on the Wall.

I was just sitting here cursing and writing away when I heard softly

over my shoulder…

“You are the fairest of them all”

then I felt a little kiss on the back of my puzzled and angry neck

and all the sudden I was Delighted and happy and I just love

that Dearest Man. He is my very Dearest Mirror, Mirror on the wall 

That man who only reflects what’s best in me. That’s love.

O.K.; this isn’t me. I’m a little different, 230 pounds of stress and a little huffy and puffy around the edges but you get the idea…this is what he see’s and I’ll kill the 1st person to buy him glasses.

2 responses to “My Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

  1. The mirror doesn’t know in the ways that Dave does. I think his reflection of you is far more accurate. The glass on the wall doesn’t see all of you. The people who love you do.

  2. so apt, so well put, you are just so good at “splaining things”, Sue!

    I love the way you two look at me.

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