My Garden of Grandchildren, Adriana, Jay Belle, Connor and Teagan our seeds of the future…

I want to plant seeds today, but it’s too early to go tinkering around outside and I couldn’t write so I daydream and tried to read a little. Because if you can’t write,  you should at least read. And sure enough my back brain released into the thoughts of my seeds for those flowers and my grandbabies arriving around the same time. I had just got the seeds for Sweetpeas, Marigolds and Cosmos for my Dollar Store flower garden when the call came that we had another Grandbaby, our Little Teagan was born in Tennessee and from the looks of that little newborn picture she will be a true beauty born in the South. And brilliant no doubt, she shares Albert Einstein’s birthday with Billy Crystal…what a combo, brilliant and funny!  

Back to that daisy chain of thought…I couldn’t write so I lay daydreaming and reading and sure enough my back brain relaxed long enough for the thoughts of my seeds for flowers and my brand spanking new little granddaughter, Teagan arrived at the same time. How prophetic.  And I thought of how come high summer,  those spring seeds will be just so tall and cosy growing inches a day next to the shelter of the house that protects them from those sudden summer storms that can blow off the Lake.  Just like my Grandbabies and their Parents, those babies are blessed and so loved and protected. 

I can only leave a few words like a trail of breadcrumbs strewn out here in the future, should her journey take her where she ever get lost or separated from her parents, she won’t starve for love or be confused just who she is because these words will be there to tell her far into the future ( yes, even when she’s a Grandmother)  just how waited for and loved and precious and wonderful she is. You, Teagan Jeanette are named after your well-beloved Great Grandmother on your (Maternal) GrandDaddy’s side. But your first name was carefully thought out and well-chosen by a Mommy and Daddy who loved you before you were born and couldn’t wait for you to get here. You and your amazing brother Connor and your cousins are the best of us…our seeds of the future, and your here because we couldn’t get along without YOU. I love you baby girl.

4 responses to “My Garden of Grandchildren, Adriana, Jay Belle, Connor and Teagan our seeds of the future…

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    • Thank you so much. Sometimes you just try and it seems if your hearts really in it, it will spill out in the writing. Thanks.

  2. It’s wonderful, Ma.

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