My Mommy

It was my children’s birthday (twins), and I was just remembering what it was like when they were born. The twins weren’t expected and we were all so amazed. But in recalling their birth, I recalled something I had forgotten about all these years between. When I delivered those babies, I had no health insurance and had to leave the hospital the next day. My babies couldn’t because the were both underweight and had to be at least 5 pounds before the hospital would release them and then one of them developed trouble with their bilirubin and had to be put under a special light that would help that. So the babies had to stay and I had to go but I could and would come back to feed and hold them until they would be released a few days later. But it felt like forever.

And I remember and it still floods me with tears how my Mommy came with my Husband to pick me up to take me home, and while I was surprised and pleased to see her I didn’t realize why she was there. When you are young you are so DUMB. You are so naive it hurts. Well when they started to wheel me out (so silly, I could walk fine) all the sudden I burst into tears and couldn’t stop. It was as if the heavens opened, I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t explain it and my Mommy said, it was O.K., it was perfectly normal. I had to leave my babies behind for care I couldn’t give them, to get well. But my heart was just too sad to leave them and it was O.K. to cry.  She wasn’t a touchy feely type of Mommy but whenever I needed her or was just heart broke, she was there. Always.

What a wise and wonderful woman to come and explain that to me at that scary time in my life when your sure your every move is wrong for your children. She knew because she had had to leave a few babies in hospitals and realized just how hurtful it was. And I just wanted to tell my babies just the type of Woman their Grandmother was. AMAZING. Raised 9 kids 1 husband 2 dogs and with no whining and damn little drinking.

 She did not tolerate fools and had more compassion for truly hurting or sick people than anyone I’ve ever met. My Mommy, their Grandmother that woman just LOVED those tiny babies, she couldn’t get enough of holding them. They put her in mind of her own as we were all pretty small at birth. They should know my children, the strength they come from…there’s nothing they can’t do.

One response to “My Mommy

  1. Susan Cromwell

    I just love this. I can almost see her.

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