The Garden of What?….

  And for who? The Garden of Eden? I mean don’t think so. According to the bible “Eve” was born to be a helpmate. Like this Garden of Eden has got  to be a great place but only if you can find  the right grunt worker? Like an unpaid helpmate/wife/slave for life?

 Not me, not my God, she wouldn’t have me born a slave…she loves me , right? 

Now wait a minute, Adam is born by the breath of God, in his image to glorify him. Period. Eve’s comes from an extra rib on Adam….right? From a leftover ribs to do the scutwork? Who wrote this shit? Talk about the original “Second Hand Rose”!

 I love this whole Garden of Eden scenario like he’s king of the Universe, but he needs a helpmate because he can’t find his way out of a paper bag.

Then I got to thinking how Eve got a bad rap just for trying to make sure that Idiot didn’t starve to death.

Maybe that’s where all the “Mom” attitude started…after all if you’re going to blamed for the downfall of humanity for just trying to make sure the Idiot didn’t starve to death it’s going to leave you with a little attitude.  And after a  little overexposure to the helpless clueless Adam, I’m sure Eve was more that ready to strike out on her own. That rotten Adam just knew where all good things came from so he followed her.

Can you imagine the kind of cruel god that would only bring half of the human race into being to be slaves of the other? Eden wasn’t a fine spot at least not for the “Hand-Maiden” or “Helper” or whatever you want to call that supposed upright rib of Adam’s who’ll never get a fair break because she’s a girl. So as a little girl I hear this story and I think…no way…just born to be somebody maid? Not my God, SHE wouldn’t do this. To this day I’m convinced this rule book was written by a bunch of old stinky men with an agenda…keep the girls in their place …well below us. I mean even before Adam and Eve broke out of the big house, Eve had all the work to do. Hmmm, not a lot changed after that either. So I guess Eden was for only one guy anyway.

And we’ve come a long way, baby..believeing in that crap…from the Bible to Desperate Housewives to the sad soulless images projected by the caricatures of Jersey Shore.   

 I started trying to write about how currently the media uses such stereotypes as; Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor…you name it, to dehumanize and demonize women. There’s just a host of terrible stereotypes out there. And then during my research on the web I ran into a multitude of articles that talked about shows like Jersey Shore or Housewives of Orange County, shows that took women already marginalized by their Barbie looks and I realized as long as we continue to believe this garden of Eden crap, helpmate crap were doomed to be caricatures of ourselves. Drop the fake stories whether they be in a  bible or a fairy princess storybook and claim your own life and realize that you ARE the reason for any number of peoples survival. YOU, being there… feeding, sheltering and loving  are the “Hero”.  That doesn’t take a helpmate slave…that takes a hero, somebody who hunts and gathers and works the job, pays the rent and raises the children and those are the real heroes, the ones that just DO IT. Teach your daughters that they have profound strengths, they come from Women that have survived everything… war, famine, pestilance, fear and kept their children alive no matter what, or You wouldn’t be here. You already come from strong women. There is strength in the knowledge your line goes back forever.

Don’t overexpose your girls and their hearts and minds to the “radiation poisoning” that  passes for conforming to what the latest sterotypical woman looks like or thinks according to some TV writer. As an adult woman you already know how toxic that can be. As long as we’re talking sterotypes, let me throw this one in…I think the average TV writer is a bitter male juvenile comic who never got over it therefore he targets women. I repeat, don’t let your girls suffer from overexposure to these fools who target women. 

And while we’re at it…another thing about “hero” stereotypes, a hero doesn’t tote a gun, She totes a child. She nourishes,  not destroys children. And they in turn are the very future in her hands.  It takes a one hell of a lot more guts, courage and strength to spend 18 years of your life preserving someone else’s… than it does to just shoot a human being.

Tough guys, heroes…baloney I say, the hell with all the Generals and all the Kings men…to hell with the Arsenals, you show me just one new Mom and I’ll show you career commitment to survival at ALL costs. These women are in it for life…and they play for keeps, always.  And that’s why I don’t ever fear for life on this planet. New Moms, fiercest creature on God’s Green Earth and don’t you forget it, best survialist ever or we all wouldn’t be here.

One response to “The Garden of What?….

  1. It’s unfathomable how they have always been afraid of our power. Great writing, Sheila.

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