Mom G.P.S.

It seems like you just get a handle on your kids, you know…what they really love who they really like and suddenly they’re off! Racing into their own lives at breakneck speed here and there… this college/that town… then back again for another opportunity or challenge, but you always know in your Mom’s heart just how you love them. And they know. That’s true G.P.S., and it’s eternal. Forever being someone’s “True North”. They always know through time and tide and birth and death you’ll love them always. You loved them before they were born and still here, loving them always remembering the laughter and the tears the brilliance and compassion that knit their bones together in a vision for us to see for a while. No, with Mom G.P.S. those kids never really go far, because they’re always only really safe at home in our own hearts. And they always will be. That’s Mom G.P.S., now where did I leave that laughter memory? Oh, yeah… behind those high school years…or no wait a minute, how about that vacation when …

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