“Upon further review”…I was all concerned because

it suddenly occurred to me upon writing about Kelly that at one point she dropped dead only to be revived by her seatmate (a doctor) somewhere over Kansas, mid-flight. Then it occurred to me that I also have two sisters with these erratic heartbeats…at least two that have fessed up. In this crowd you have to pry info out with a crowbar and unless you are personally aware of their physical whereabouts they’ll never mention a hospital stay for fear of being a martyr…even if it’s the intensive care unit. This is one tough crowd.

Well upon further review of these heart stopping incidents I realized that both Grandfathers (Maternal and Paternal) had died either just as they were released with a clean bill of health from Geneva Hospital or shortly after successful minor surgery  at Lakewood Hospital. They both just suddenly dropped dead. Sounds like …looks like… dare I say it…heart stuff. So get this, dropping dead suddenly because of arrhythmia or whatever can be added to our little list of  ingredients package.

Along with tremendous compassion, love of a good time, serious bouts with denial and capacity for humor that thankfully knows no bounds. It can be found everywhere…even relatives dropping from the sky.  

P.S. We also had a few Witchy Great Grandma’s live to 98 and 101…maybe the good do die young…in that case…bring on mi AMIGO !!! 


No…these boys are cute, but I’m talking…


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