Each of us a stained glass window…

Years ago, when my littlest sister died around Valentine’s Day the priest who gave her eulogy was wonderful. His name was Father Hritz and he was with St. Malachi on the near westside of Cleveland. What a beautiful talk he gave for our Kelly.

Kelly had her demons, whiskey being chief among them,  along with our usual de jour of depression, diabetes and a host of heart anomalies. She also had incredible luck. When her heart stopped mid-flight crossing the continental United States just who did she happen to be seated next to in the plane but a Doctor. She had incredible sharp wit and was as well read as and Oxford don. Kelly was also unstoppable in Poker, she would have made a fortune in the tables of today, she had such a poker face and could read and manipulate people with the best of them.

Anyway, the Priest at her service talked of how each life is like a stained glass window, with the golden yellows and the soft blue’s and the intense oranges aflame in the setting sun. That each of these colors reflected only a portion of the personality and one should always try to remember that a soul is composed of a multitude of colors and variations. When you look at a soul, try to see ALL  the colors that made up their window. 

 God Bless him, that Father Hritz  caused me to be able to always remember my sister with grace. Now I can and will reach out and recall the laughter until tears that she unleashed in me. I can still see those eyebrows drawn up that little mouth in a perfect O…as if to say…NO WAY …NOT ME , I’m not doing the dishes, cleaning up the dog poop, doing whatever task had been assigned. And to this day just thinking about Kelly looking all stubborn and startled sets me to chuckling. She was no bigger than a minute but had the single mindedness of purpose like all us Spellacy women to avoid work at all costs. Kelly would have loved this gig writing. Sometimes I swear I can hear her laughter still. Sheila writing?…Somebody get me a pen! 

Thank You Father Hritz, for giving me back a piece of my sister I can hold onto forever, because every time I see stained glass I think of Kel.

2 responses to “Each of us a stained glass window…

  1. This is wonderful. I can’t even tell you how very much this one means to me. Please do not change anything. It’s one of my favorites. We loved her so much. I’m so glad that you let Cas and me know her. I still remember her stopping over once in a while, still remember going to visit her from time to time. She was one of the aunts, one of the sisters, just as much a part of this family story as any other. Thanks for keeping her that way here.

    • Thanks my girl. That Father Hritz is something spectacular. You and I’ll have to make a date to go to mass at St. Malachi. What a speaker!

      love you

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