Our “15 minutes of Fame”, family style.

When we were kids there was a comedy show called “Laugh In” and what is now called “15 minutes of fame” used to be more appropriately called “The Fickle Finger of Fate”, and in our family it didn’t matter if you were arrested or endowed with the medal of honor- you got 15 minutes center stage, good or bad, birth or death. 

So dependent on your particular news it could turn out to be a really good thing. Really, no matter what your news, be you gay, awarded, convicted, dead or alive you only had to endure 15 minutes of non stop attention in our crowd. And that is the best benefit of a huge family. Somebody else in the family always comes along to grab the spotlight. You can’t hog center stage even if you wanted to. But if you are more than ready to get out from under those hot lights of the old 3rd degree, it’s great to see your cousins come trooping in to take your place on stage. Remember, we’ll always like you, always love you.

 “Down the road with you laddie”…make way for the next act. Just like Vaudeville this big old family will love you always! 

Now send in the Clowns!!  

CYC Circus

Photo courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Collection, Cleveland State University Library

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