Heads up Barry, On the correct use of “War Powers” per Carl Rove as interpreted

by Sheila Follman

Pulled from Afghanistan send our troops into the Canyons of Wall Street to eradicate those rogue terrorist Bankers and Stockbrokers who are holding our Country and Economy hostage.

I repeat “Terrorist Bankers and Terrorist Stockbrokers”. The ones who have ground our country to a legal well paid halt by traitorous Congressmen filibustering Congress. These Bankrolling Bankers are the True Terrorist.

You (the President) are in a “State of War”…wake up…are King of the Mountain, just like that jerk W. was. And have the same ridiculous powers that he (and Lincoln) had at their disposal to use. Get busy.

 And while your at it USE YOUR WAR POWERS to just do it; Create a program for National Health that guarantees the promise of  life, liberty and Happiness called for in the Constitution. It’s YOUR JOB should you choose to accept it. And you did, by oath, twice as I recall.

To Preserve, Protect and Defend these rights. Get Busy. Use your War Powers for good. Get Busy acting like a President. Because if you don’t take out those rotten Playground Bullies Chaney/Rove now…they’ll push you over again and take away your office. Get them with their own brand of medicine. I know it’s unappealing to your elegant hands…but look at it this way…even Lincoln had to swing an Axe to get what he needed to save this country. JOIN THE CLUB. Mr. War Powers President. Let the “War Crimes” trials begin…that should wrap up those boys neat and tidy. Bite BACK and don’t ever let go.

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