“A Filibuster”; A Politicians way of saying “Fuck you to death” sick person.

Ya gotta love the Pharmaceutical and Medical Insurance the entire “Health Care Industry’..they have got their Mouthpieces to even tie up Congress, rather than lose their bottom line. ‘Cause if its their bottom line of profit or our poor lives…well “there’s another sucker born every minute” according to those same clowns at Barnum and Blue Cross that won’t cover you anyway but still want to be paid through the nose all the way to the BANK.

In a headline that disappeared from “Google News”, “Republicans Filibuster to paralyze Senate”


Nice “Christian” work there. Really Christ like…taking “care” of your neighbors, refusing them healthcare. The next do nothing Republican that tells me they’re “Christian”…I’ll just have to BITE…And then define the word “Oxymoron” to them…

Oxymoron; A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence. Or say… Republican Christian.

or maybe better yet the word “Christian”.

“CHRISTIAN” ; Professing belief in Christianity. Of or derived from Jesus’s teachings.

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