My Bookselling adventures…

It was rather like the reverse of Gulliver’s Travels with me being the Lilliputian as I wandered among the stacks here and there. For a small period in my life in one incarnation of employment I wandered among the gainfully employed as a bookseller, albeit a bookseller with really only one aim in mind…to stay home and collect and read as many books as I could ever want. And I did. At one point I came home from a bookbuying journey to a library booksale and asked my beloved to help unload the van.

Alright…bad news a van. A GMC cargo van. But my David being a charming Gemini Saint was not deterred when he pulled open the side door to the van and books spilled out for about 10 minutes, many books. We are in a lovely state of denial here in the home of my beloved and myself. He says nothing but lovely things to me his second wifey ( or as I like to refer to myself “the 230 pound trophy wife”) and I pretty much just try to love this saint for just that amazing reason.  So when the books were done cascading out and he realized that with my breathing problem (this was years ago) he would have to cart them all to our second floor apartment not a word was said by him. But I apologised profusely and explained that they had been free… all of them. Well, almost. What had happened is I had gone to a local college, Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio…(local being subjective to my state of mind about driving, I like driving) but I had arrived unfortunatly a few weeks late. The big booksale had been over for awhile, I was told there were just the remains of the sale on one books trolly and If I wanted them I could have them If I would just move them. So I backed that van up and rolled that book trolly to the back opened her up and started slinging those books in. There were two librarians who could see me puffing away like the “little engine that could” and they stepped up and helped me sling the books in and finally close all the doors. What great girls, I would eventually return to Beegly Library with Pumpkin Rolls and many best wishes and donations for their kind treatment and help to me. But their kindness and generosity started me seriously into the Book Business. Long after David had carried those tomes upstairs and I had run them on for price comparisons I managed to sell one of my first big sales to the “Library of Congress”, yep, that library. Go figure…a girl in the middle of Ohio…selling a set of Books to the Library of Congress.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus…

And guess which set I sold them for over 200 smackeroonies? A light blue cloth covered set of oversize books, “The complete investigations of Congress from Burr to Watergate”…I imagine they probably had the original notes somewhere but like my house they just couldn’t find them. In fact that’s why I finally left the wonderful world of bookselling…I got tired of chasing my tail all day. I had no trouble selling the books I collected and meticulously researched. But damned if I could ever find them again once they entered the rarified air of our little heaven…


And just like this…all my biblioholic troubles were started…

Photograph Courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Collection, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

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