I don’t get it…Aren’t all those bad guys on Wall St.

guilty of TAX EVASION ?! They lied about money and they signed on the dotted line for the Corporate Tax filings right??? As “Officers” of the Corporation? Right?

Now I am painfully aware if I screw up on my taxes to the tune of tens of dollars it’s going to cost me to the tune of HUNDREDS with the I.R.S.-

Let’s sick those Hounds of Hell on Wall St , 

 and just watch those “bonuses” disappear. See if these Bad Boys in White Collars can’t be caught by those “Texas Ranger Accountants” with attitude. Those Thieves on Wall St. have more than met their match when it comes to Accountants with a grudge, because I’m sure more than a few people at the IRS have probably been turned down for some mighty fine jobs among the élite of Wall St.

Sic ’em boys!

That’s it, that’s the ticket…I say find the I.R.S. Accountant with the biggest Ax to grind and set him on these guys. After all, it was only the “Accountants” that could stop the Crime Rackets of the Thirties…I say, treat those bankers like what they are…Al Capone in drag.

Hell, even Al didn’t rob old pensioners… He made no bones about what he was.  These Goofballs pretend to be regular generous Joe’s …probably donate a little to the Old Red Cross and everything…looking all humanitarian while they rob the rest of us blind with their “Junk Bond” and other shady businesses.And remove their safety net of DENIAL, and call a “Banker a Robber” call it what it is…the rich robbing the poor.

I can remember my Father talking about the 1st great depression this country faced and he said he just couldn’t understand it…the money didn’t suddenly disappear…it had to go somewhere??? So just like Deepthroat said in Watergate…”Follow the MONEY”!! There’s your CROOKS, there’s they guys responsible for this mess. Now sic ’em.

Photo Credit; Arrow Publishers  Cover of “The Hounds of Hell” Edited by Michel Parry

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