The 8year old Cub Scout on the “Watch List” and the wormholes on in the Internet that let other people into your facebook accounts all signed in!!!

Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. And in the case of todays headlines they ain’t kidding! How about that poor 8-year-old Mikey Hicks. 

and now not only does Mikey have problems but it seems these girls by the last name of “Sawyer” also wandered into a hole on the Internet that could prove pretty much like the magical “trapdoor” of the internet. It seems the more things change the more they stay the same…

Government Bureaucrats claiming there are no problems and large corporations like Verizon saying “It ain’t me!”…well, I don’t think it’s Mikey’s fault or the Sawyer Girls conniving that caused these easily repairable problems.

Number 1. Redo the list with some sanity in mind. (Remove anyone under 18 or at least those that aren’t potty trained)

Number 2. Admit publicly the Internet is not a safe repository for your personal information. Period. That’s what safe deposit boxes and priests and wives and husbands are for.

And when did this government become something that was created for the convenience of the bureaucrats or the Big CEO Boys ?

It’s supposed to be according to that old Declaration of Independence ..”By the People, for the People”, not “by the Security Analyst for the CEO” !

And be not afraid. Remember, Lincoln said…”A government by the people, for the people SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH.”…and he dealt with more that a few Cheney’s and Blackwaters in his day.

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