Big headed People…

What is it about the exercise world? These people all seem to have these giagunda heads. They’re like live Barbie dolls. But very angry fast Barbie’s and Ken’s.

Barbie’s that have been denying themselves for years and are ready to make anybody with more than .002 percent body fat pay for it.  I mean just look at them…there’s that trainer from “Biggest Loser” man, that lady looks just too hungry and just pissed off enough to bite. And steroids, we’re gonna mix steroids with lack of food? What the hell do you think is gonna happen. Shades of the Hulk…When I was  kid in Cleveland on TV we had a lady named Paige Palmer doing exercises every morning. Paige was never pissed off, she took her time explained the motions and just kind of lulled you into participation. Now it’s as if everybody in the exercise world is in a hellbent hurry for that heart attack.

 There used to be this wacko guy with a long blonde ponytail poking out of the back of his baseball cap suspended on these ski like things running forever in the middle of the night…sliding back and forth and back and forth. What a yutz. I saw him recently on another infomercial and that cap was still firmly in place hiding his balding head with that ponytail poking out the back…now come on. If its not going to be better than that poor souls life, I don’t think the treadmill if worth it. I just want to shoot him and put him out of both of ours misery. He won’t have to slip slide along all night long and I won’t have to watch. And what about that bio-flex machine..I mean come on, it looks like a giant crossbow. Don’t these guys and girls that turn themselves in rubber band people realize what they look like? Maybe not..But this can’t be normal either….


Photo courtesy ; The Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University,  The Cleveland Press Collection

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