“Forgive me Father for I have sinned, and it’s been forever since I made my last Confession”…

Actually it’s been longer than that…the last clear-cut memory I have is of being about 8 years old coming out of the Confessional and being in a truly stunned State of Grace at the very thought that I had been forgiven. I still feel that way. I hope God does too.

A state of Grace, that gives me the ability to laugh and love and make people smile. Yup…I’d say the magic is still there… 

In fact I imagine that Priests hear THAT version that headlines this piece, “It’s been forever since my last confession” more often than not…and who knows, perhaps it is that very long circular path that assures most of the Clergy that their particular profession is one of the few that are really needed in this life. I’d say the other is Nursing, so either nursing the soul or the body is a way to serve other who have spent a lifetime away from the confessional. Most of us do – spend a lifetime out of the confessional that is.

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