“Accident Forgiveness”??????? What the hell is this…

 by Insurance Companies! First, what’s the literal definition of “Accident”? And how about the literal definition of “Forgiveness” ?

Is it possible to forgive an unplanned (without intent) act?  …Er…No…an act has to be done with “intent”, therefore not and “Accident” to be forgiven. Get it? Must have Intent.


And now how about if since we’re throwing the word forgiveness around we also have Medical Insurance Companies having  “Pre-Existing forgiveness” kinda like the Lord? or E.R. ( Emergency Room forgiveness) because we didn’t have that $100 dollar co-pay when the “Attack or Accident” occurred. And hey, since we’re in this fake out relabeling words “forgiving the accident(!?) mode”, how about just any other type of Insurance Coverage used the same type of lingo (terminology) like forgiving a person hit by a Tornado or a Flood or lightening? Nope, I can already hear you guys…”act of God”, what the hell does that mean? Rightously deserved???? and you won’t pay for it???

And another thing,  this crazy Progressive commercial with that Ditz handing out imaginary immediate discounts for everything under the Sun…because SHE CAN. Because she’s making up the numbers and robbing you outright as is..don’t forget who it is that makes up and regulates those Actuary Tables…The Crooks themselves, they police their own shell game industry and rob people blind. But it’s supposed to seem like those nice kindly old insurance companies and their wacky but lovable employees. 

Actually these same guys have grown (stolen) their way into being the only game in town. They are the foxes in the henhouse. They are the ones keeping count on those actuary tables that they use to charge you by. I wish I’d known “Soylent Green” was about Insurance Companies…And I’m convinced they have the same tables on just how much they can squeeze out of you based on your income, health and age. Boy, I’d love to see THOSE TABLES.

  After all it’s a simple business of keeping the Golden Goose alive long enough to get the most premiums out of it (YOU on insurance as Dr. Oz would say) 

Don’t forget these same “Reputable” characters are the same ones (AIG) guys who are stuffing and cooking the books on Wall St. ? Yeah, these are guys I’d want “forgiveness” from. Yeah, there’s a band of Robber Barons to be admired and trusted and asked forgiveness of. These same greedy Business Tycoons are just the ones I should I ask forgiveness of?

Now there’s a hideous accident waiting to happen…

Confess your sins, and be found “culpable”, responsible, and be forgiven- by both God and your “Insurance Company”. (Another Oxymoron!) 

Bishop James McFadden celebrating ordination service of priests

Photograph from; The Michael Schwartz Library , Cleveland State University, Press Collection available at www.clevelandmemory.org

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