Paranormal or Paranoia…that is the question…

I’ve been checking out those ghost chasing cable shows and it looks to me like a clear cut case of “Blair Witch Project” envy. Like one big snotty scare yourself straight. I mean really!! I could just chase myself around a dark house with a flashlight!! ( well ok, maybe I have…)

The things that they have on TV now just amaze me…I mean…” Bridezillas” talk about the fascination at the scene of an accident!!!  A truly BAD accident.

But the facination with bad behavior and poor english is rapidly wearing away to either a person becoming a  confirmed voyeuristic “Springerite”, (and paying the cable bill for that pleasure) or becoming a former TV watcher, someone who managed to leave the “scene of the accident” and continued with their own life. 

I guess that’s the question, are you a “Watcher” of other peoples lives? Some pretty fake contrived lives at that! Like…the Batchelor, the survivor, the death wish Model, the crazed gay Designer, American Idol Idiot Follies. I mean….c’mon. REALLY…T.V should just be called “People behaving badly, day after day after day after day” and this is what you want to force feed you children? Dollops if screaming, scheming adult scumbags ?? This is the behavior you want modeled for them ?? Wait a minute, you pay $100 for a pair of sneakers for the kid and then park him in front of “Springer’…hmmmI think I’ll just watch YOUR life…oh, wait a minute I don’t need too…I can see where this is going…first for tickets to the show then onstage…but what about after…all those hundreds of millions of really bad lives…and their highlight was appearing on some cheesy second-rate “Tell the baby you don’t know who his daddy is” show…isn’t that were we came in? The scene of an accident?

I guess that’s the point of this life, to make a person life “not the scene of an accident” but an amazing set of coincidences that led to the creation of YOU. You are not and accident you are every piece of hard work and laughter you ever worked through. You are all the endless result of your hard work and endless imagination and tenaciousness. You are the result of endless people loving and working hard and caring about each other and you are something to be loved cherished and respected. But most of all you are so much better than what can ever be portrayed on that tiny screaming screen. Turn it off, go to the Library… grab a couple of kids books and a Will Rogers and Dave Barry book or two and just live and read and work and write and laugh your particularly well-loved ass off.  You deserve it! 

Leave the Bridezillas to their particular hell and you go have some fun!

Polish wedding re-enactment  The answer to “Bridezilla” in the olden days , Grandmothers…who ruled with Iron fists.

One response to “Paranormal or Paranoia…that is the question…

  1. So true! And that young couple at the bottom looks terrified of the grandmother… I wonder what was going on there…

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