Things that make me laugh…”Easter Duties”…

How about the Easter morning when I was 16 and had the good fortune to have my first brand new sparkly boyfriend show up Easter morn wanting to accompany me to church.  Like I ever went? I usually hid out until the coast was clear (my Father had left for Mass) and then surfaced from wherever I had been hiding out in the house (basements, attics, garages, I had no shame when it came to avoiding church).

But this morning I had the fine young tall  Joey Leasock to look forward to. For some reason this wonderful 17-year-old from Strongsville had found his way all the way down Rt. 232 (Rocky River Dr.) and into my newly weight watcher reduced teenage life. And I thought he was wonderful. And he was. Anyway back to “Easter Duties”. Easter crowd at St. Ann's Catholic Church

I don’t know how or why he ended up at my house that Easter Morn all I know is I told my Dad , Joe and I were going to start up to church early in his car, and the next thing you know…I suggested we pass up the church and just take a drive…the beginning of the end of our so far successful relationship. And then once we were safely away from the shadows of the spires that controlled my morals I got to feeling guilty for avoiding mass and suggested we do a good deed and pick up two young guys that were hitchhiking along Detroit Ave. that freezing morning in the pre mass hours in Lakewood. Well, Joey said “I don’t know…” and I said, “C”mon… it’ll be a nice thing to do, help out somebody on an Easter Morning.”

 Well, the boys hopped into the back and no sooner had they gotten into the back seat that they were necking with each other. 

At 16 and 17 Joe and I were pretty startled, I mean we just got the info that we might just try that out on each other…let alone on somebody the same sex? That’s when I started saying, “Yipes”!

Well,  I got them to stop long enough to tell us where they wanted to go (W 83rd) and then I showed Joey how to get there. We drove down Detroit until we reached 83rd and then turned south. When we finally reached their destination, I threw open my car door and in a “Whoosh” it was ripped off…

The next thing I know…some really angry Man is screaming at Joey and Me, telling us we’ll have to pay for his car repairs…while I’m looking around for the door and just feeling really lucky to be alive and these two boys’ are hopping out of the back seat saying, “Thanks for the lift!”, and this guy is still screaming bloody murder at Joey and Me about the stupidity of kids throwing open a car doors without checking for oncoming traffic and how I’d ruined his car!

 Poor Joey….Tall, handsome, Joe.  All he wanted was to go to Mass with me. By the time he limped home to Strongsville that Easter in what HAD been his pride and joy…it had only one door attached and the other in the backseat, and it was clear to this lovely young man, he shouldn’t miss Easter Mass again. Needless to say I only saw Joe a few more times. But I think of him and how well he handled that whole incident often…in fact every Easter morning while hiding out in my kitchen over a cup of Coffee…what a lovely boy he was so patient and good and what a terrific Dad and husband he must have become. It still makes me smile.

Photo courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University

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