Power in the words…I woke up this morning and found the

usual news about snowstorms and terrorists and all the usual things that make me angry and feeling useless and was flipping around my temporary cable hookup when I happened upon “The Goonies” and was smiling and laughing despite myself. Then I remembered the stories that I had heard from the cast on the DVD movie with the comments by the director and the cast.

Then I remembered just how much I enjoyed those comments by Martha Plimpton on the DVD, how that woman’s wit while scathing is instantaneous in its ignition of laughter all around. She is the BEST. Then I thought about the funny connections that this life has to offer, the “six degrees of separation theory stuff”…. Although this movie was written by Chris Columbus (my daughter now teaches in his hometown) the story itself is from Steven Spielberg and the concept of last-minute saving of a family’s home through a series of unlikely but fortunate events seems to have played out for at least a portion of this crew. 

Then I thought of another now famous Pirate, Johnny Depp ..who I’m sure at one time or another must have seen the “Goonies” and loved all the “Pirate pizzaz” so when he was approached years later about being in a “Pirate Movie”…he would say, “Sure! And why not?” And he would find a FORTUNE in his willingness to be the most outrageous Capt. Jack Sparrow and have the time of his life making the fortune of a lifetime. Not to mention how this same lightening reached out and stuck Kiera Knightly also…Funny how this six degree’s of separation stuff works and my what a cast of characters it has to work with…so maybe it’s not the lightning’s ability reach out and strike you that is so important… as your reaction to it. It should be BELIEF and WORK…that you can bend this fate to yourself also with your words and hard WORK.

There’s untold power in those WORDS.

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