Amazing Memories…my girl gave me a rainbow collection of memories

from the past. The most thoughtful of gifts, moments in time, our shared time. On my birthday this past year she took a glass powder puff container that I had told her I just loved, from her house and filled it with tiny little scrolls each one holding a memory and tied up like 100 happy chinese fortunes all good, some hilarious and some dear memories of our shared past. This is the dearest gift I’ve ever received. And now each holiday I’ve requested not gifts but more scrolls, for THEY are priceless. Everyday I pick at least one of them out and unroll it and read it and more than a few times I’ve laughed myself silly over her great memories and some times been left in tears over her tenderness in looking back over the years. It is priceless. It remind’s me of how recently she told me how her brother just loves that movie Wall-E, and how he likes that terrific tune from “Hello Dolly”, “It only takes a moment (to be loved your whole life long,)”  …and that is what this gift makes me realize EVERYDAY.

It really does only take a moment to be loved your whole life long…and what is your life but a collection of those moments…what a wonderful girl, and now when I sit down and open one of them up it’s like a beautiful funny trip back in time for a second each and every day. How wonderful.

Make one for your Children, make one for your Sisters, Make sure those really good memories are recognized and kept and treasured.

2 responses to “Amazing Memories…my girl gave me a rainbow collection of memories

  1. I’m so glad you like it! Four months til Mother’s Day, and I will make some more. You can always tell me if it gets old and you want something else, though.

    • These are the absolute best. And they work for me everytime, pouring all those great funny memories back into my heart…you are the BEST.

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