You’re never alone on top of the hill…

You  never feel alone on the hill- I’ve just been thinking about my phenomenal nephew Johnny. His anniversary is coming up and he is sorely missed among the upright. I got to thinking about the “Bungee Cord and Car Door” incident. Had me howling.

Well…It seems that rascal John had loaned his small blue Toyota that his Aunt Mary had given him when he was away at College (Gettysburg University) to his little brother Pat, and well…God love Pat, but when he came home he thought he had thrown the car into park, but he only got it to neutral before he hopped out and started into the house. Well the car rolled into the Well Cap (a huge cement disk) and the Drivers door was pretty seriously crinkled by that.

Then a short time later on a very icy Rt. 84 flying along Johnny slid on the ice and lost control of the car and hit an embankment. Now the Driver’s side was so dented you had to Bungee it as close to closed as you could. Needless to say there was quite a wind speed inside that tiny car. I can still remember Katie telling me about John’s epiphany-  He was racing out to work one day and Bungee cording himself into this cracked up old car when it suddenly occurred to him, he didn’t have to live like this anymore. He was no longer a penniless college student. He had a steady job as a high school Teacher and Coach and after years of keeping his nose to the Grindstone and slugging away at every football practice, every college class, every summer job…suddenly he could afford something nice.

Sometimes I think the changes started after his close call on Rt 84. And then he finally woke up one day when he was pulling that Bungee cord at 7AM.

I don’t have to live like this.

I can create my own place and have my own stuff. From there on out he finally realized he could do these things and by doing so he could without realizing it cram a lot of living into a very short time.

And now when I think of him on top of the hill, (Mt. Pleasant Cemetary) I see him and Frank and Ryan chuckling over their stones and telling Mom and Dad stories and I’m so glad we had a little time with him.

And I’m glad you’re never alone on the hill.

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