One Terrorist or the Entire National Health Care Issue…keep your eye on the ball

The odds of your dying from lack of care of medical care because either you can’t afford the insurance or the insurance company that covers you, calls your condition  “pre-existing”. So with the intended stress of non coverage and/or the poverty no coverage your MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANY is far more likely to kill you.

 It certainly isn’t that one guy in a plane over Detroit. But that’s all that’s in the news now.

My… I wonder why AFTER that super HOT BUTTON issue of NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE is passed butchered to the bone and buried in COMMITTEE, now our collective eye is OFF that ball,  while they (Politicians and the News people) turn our attention quickly away…once again to the threats of a “Wizard of Oz”…that legendary “terrorist man behind the curtain” . 

Trust me, your Insurance company will kill you long before any TERRORIST can. The terrorist doesn’t have your personal information like your insurance company does. They have that and any other personal information they need to maximize whatever profit they can out of this unit and dispose of it once it (You) become no longer cost efficient by denial of coverage. No terrorist is ever going to have the chance at killing you.  It will be YOUR medical insurance company… denying you care or coverage when you need it most. Your very own Medical Insurance Company will kill you off long before any terrorist can get his hands on you.  

Ergo…the only terrorist you have to worry about it your INSURANCE COMPANY.

They will destroy your health through denial using the loophole of “pre-existing conditions”  to cause bankruptcy and bills and foreclosure and denial. All while you pay for the pleasure of it.

Now that’s Terrorism. Now that State Sponsored Terrorism…after all didn’t we just write them some huge checks because they were “too big to fail”…too bad we’re not as precious to our Government.

One response to “One Terrorist or the Entire National Health Care Issue…keep your eye on the ball

  1. Well said. You know, that book you lent me a while back had a line it that I thought was great. A father turned to his adult daughter, who was worried about his failing health, and he said “Don’t worry about me. Ain’t none of us going to get out of this alive.” It is so true. The only actual pre-existing condition is “Inclination toward Death” and we all have it.

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