Notes from my Abs….I just noticed this morning a forty year old

Lady on TV,  talking about how her “Abs” have never looked better ( she was selling some wacko piece of plastic exercise equipment) …and it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve NEVER been on a first name basis with my Abdomen.   

All I know is I took my eye off the ball (my abdomen) sometime after 35 and they have since preceded me into every room. They’ve managed to come between me and my feet and me the rest of the world. Even with lots of dieting my Abdomen seems to be gaining on me. I suspect it’s time to get on a first name basis with those well hidden and elusive “Ab’s”,  Wish me luck…I imagine it will be rather like a Butterball Turkey doing sit-ups…not pretty.

 Looks like while I’ve  been on a first name basis with Amy Joy doughnuts and Baby Ruth candy bars , they’ve only been talking to my “Ab’s”.

 Enough of that.

 I want food that will talk to my toes also…like oranges..who’s very fresh scent makes them curl up and pay attention. I will in the future not only be talking to my abdomen, But screaming it’s name and calling it on the carpet…literally! Here’s hoping in the near future I can visit my feet personally before St.Valentine’s Day. Hell, I might even be able to say, “Here’s looking at you Toot’s!”.      

 Muscles and beauty, Ed Allen and Paige Palmer

Muscles and Beauty…Paige Palmer and Ed Allen.

Photo Courtesy of  Cleveland State University, Michael Schwartz Library Special Collection, The Cleveland Press Collection

3 responses to “Notes from my Abs….I just noticed this morning a forty year old

  1. I hear someone is calling theirs “The Situation”

  2. This picture is HILARIOUS!!! Shawn and I cracked up – you find the best stuff!
    PS – You can do anything. You have raised twins, pushed cars, owned your own home, stood up to nuns, and followed your dream to live on a peninsula on Lake Erie…
    PPS – That also reminds me of the time that you and Dad stopped the white station wagon from rolling into Clifton Blvd’s rush hour traffic with Cas and me inside. You can do anything…

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