A Christmas Choice – To Give or Receive ?

Women with small children standing by Bailey's display window

In a world where the largest medical corporations can kill with complete and utter malice and forethought, and yet be treated as an “person” under the law and yet not be responsible like a “person” for the murders their policies cause…

In a world where one’s own cells can be reborn to save one’s own life…into this world a miracle occurred on Christmas Eve that we might recognize the right path to choose. You can choose a path of giving or taking.

   Be it to give life and dignity by teaching, comforting, caring for or guarding. To help others be born, live or die with dignity and peace. This is what Mother Teresa was about and just like Christ in the Temple, would not be sidetracked or delayed when about her Father’s work. My sister Kate and Cousin Eileen are in much the same way serving those poor among us that inevitably become all of us before we die. They clothe us , feed us and sustain us throughout their entire existence, these are our “Wise Women”.

   I was thinking on others (Wise Women) I have known… Nurses all,  that have helped many a Mom and Baby through birth. My sister Peg, a neonatal unit nurse who has saved many a premmie in the midnight hour…and a phenomenal baby nurse named “Dubber” who my Mother worked with and loved dearly, who’s curses to the devil wrestled back many a little s.o.b. My own Mother Rena and my Mother in law Peg Follman, my sister Anne and Maureen and daughter Brittany, all who all take care of those of us in the middle and at the end of our paths. Our adopted sister Jan H. who is just amazing at healing with laughter and love …I look at all these lives interwoven and am in awe. I don’t know what God’s plan is I am just thankful to witness it at work in such great souls…for they make me believe how just by their very existence that the Christ child is alive and well and living and working and breathing and laughing in some wonderful wise women I KNOW.  Your handiwork is the stuff the stars are made of  peace to you!  Merry Christmas to you all!  

Photo from www.clevelandmemory.org Bailey’s Dept Store on Ontario in Cleveland 1910 ( 9 years before my Dad was born!) Grandma was a Teen!

3 responses to “A Christmas Choice – To Give or Receive ?

  1. Merry Christmas, dear Sheila! You are spectacular!


  2. Happy Belated New Year, Eileen! Love, Sheila’s girl, Susan…

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