Holy Rituals and The Four Tops!!!

I was peeling potatoes for a large bowl of Potato Salad, for the Christmas Party.  I told my brother I’d bring pumpkin rolls and I will but I have such a taste for a summer potato salad I taking that too! Anyway I was in the kitchen peeling eggs and potatoes and asked my husband for a story from his childhood. Well, I specifically asked for a story about his confirmation or maybe his communion. All he could remember was being there and walking down the aisle. I dare not ask him about memories of our wedding, ( it was in a bar). So still peeling potatoes I started to rattle off the memories I have of my Confirmation. I remember my sister Kate was my Sponsor. I remember I picked the name “Bernadette”, not because of the Saint attached to the name but because of the kickass song by the Four Tops, “Bernadette” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKIgy0V2qY. Kickass!!! Can you picture me answering the Bishop’s question,” What Saints name do you choose, to represent a warrior of Christ?” BERNADETTE!!! 

That started off a slew of memories about that time in the world of music. And I remembered my brother Willy was one of those early Beatles fans. He just loved their music, but he was always light years ahead on the “Cool” score. First Skateboards then the Beatles..that triggered another memory…when my sister Anne (also a music aficionado) really got into the Beatles also she bought an Album that included a long fold out of Portraits of the Beatles that she attached to the wall /eaves of her attic bedroom. I told all my friends about it and only Noreen Cooney bit. I told her for a nickel, I’d give her the tour of my teenage sisters bedrooms and a gander at the Beatles poster thrown in for FREE. Brilliant I thought, as a young entrepeneur I had no equal, no thanks to my Mother who spotted Noreen and I creeping down the stairs and out the front door, she then put the kibosh on the “Teenage Bedroom” tours and I remain to this day, a frustrated tour guide.

2 responses to “Holy Rituals and The Four Tops!!!

  1. That last line in the first paragraph made me laugh – I could just picture it!

  2. Even though I already read this, it still makes me laugh out loud. I LOVE that line “What saint’s name do you choose to represent as a warrior of Christ?” BERNADETTE!!! Gets me every time.

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