A Wealth of Worry in those Marble staircases…

I had such a dream last night. I was still married to a man I divorced 20 years ago, and in the dream he was cheating on me and his current lover was a Doctor who was trying to make it look like I was crazy so as to take all of my wealth. We had a house worth a fortune. Dual Marble staircases in the ornate entrance hall and the balance of the Mansion to match. And all I wanted was peace of mind and a man who loved, truly loved ME. Then I woke up next to the most wonderful thoughtful man in the world. A man who doesn’t use sarcasm to speak. A man who genuinely considers me beautiful as is.

Then it occurred to me there is a “wealth of worry”,  in those beautiful cold marble steps, and granite countertops. In some of the beautiful homes that you see, it must seem the “Palaces” are but “Prisons”.  Where unless they have an extraordinary marriage, the center of their wealth in not in each other but in the things they’ve acquired over the years.  And all that can be gone in a minute. In fact sometimes to take it away from you people will do everything to you not stopping short of murder either. All for things. Because they are so scared of losing things. Because unbeknownst to them they’ve already lost their most precious thing, their true love. What a horrible, scary place to be. 

So I look around my own life and tiny apartment and once again think of my Father’s wise words..”Sheila, if somebody likes you , you know its just because they like you…you’ll never have to fear it’s for the money or the fame or just your looks. They genuinely love you for you.” there’s wealthy!”

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