John McCombs Family from 1747 to 1897…

I was recently looking over some family information and came upon a really neat source that my cousin Dan had just found also. If you would like to see it it’s available under the “Google Books”,mode. Just go to and type in the search field ; John McCombs Family. And this really neat book will appear and tell you all about our family. It was prepared in 1892 so the last person mentioned attached to me is my Grandfather Edward Congden Brown (on page 16). But this family history goes back to 1747. Yikes! Makes you wonder just what world shattering things were going on for our ancestor back then..   

   I’d always heard from my Mother Rena Brown Spellacy, that the Scots part of her family (the McCombs and the Marshalls) had left Scotland after backing the wrong royal in a race to the throne, they backed “Bonnie Prince Charlie” and fled as a result. From what the book on Google says, it looks like the fled to Ireland. I guess my mind is just tickled by the current chain of events that led to my finding this obscure book available online on the internet to be read at will and the coincidence of my daughter’s current job find as a teacher in that area. In fact I’ll soon be able to visit the very church graveyard that’s listed in the front of the book, because she’ s soon to locate somewhere in that corner of Ohio. What a coincidence…her Great , Great , Great, Great Grandfather born in 1747 is buried right around the corner in Poland Township, in the Poland Presbyterian Church ( and the graveyard is adjacent to the church. Small wonderful world that these assorted dots of a family can all come together again!

Scotland 1747- in Google led to this……looks like I’m off to research the “Jacobite Rebellion”. ..

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