“Rodan”, the prehistoric Godzilla Action Figure…just hanging around…

Years ago, after newness of Christmas had worn off my Father took my nephew Michael’s huge ( a foot across wingspan) Godzilla Action Figurine “Rodan” and strung it over my Mother reading area. It was a place we called the “Command Post”, my Father had pulled out the old pantry shelves and broom closet that used to be there in the hallway that bridged the living room and the kitchen and had put in a piece of laminated countertop and a two bar stools and wa-la! It became my Mother’s favorite haunt on the 1st floor. She never was one for T.V. she loved to read and being tucked away in the dim recesses of that hallway with just enough room for her and her book and a beer seemed like a little bit of heaven to her and she took to sitting there all the time and reading. Dad called it her “Command Post”.  But the boy in that Man couldn’t stop pulling her leg. He would do anything to make that woman smile. So one night after she had toddled off to work (she was working nights in a nursing home, the only RN on guard) Dad found some string and borrowed Michael’s now rarely used giant plastic Rodan and strung that rascal up right where he’d be eye level with Mom.

Then he put a note in it’s big ugly Beak…Hi Rena! Just thinking of you…

One response to ““Rodan”, the prehistoric Godzilla Action Figure…just hanging around…

  1. That is marvelous 🙂 Such a fun guy

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