The Integrity of the Canvas…a childs soul wanting to learn.

I recently watched a documentary about the difficulty of placing children in daycare in New York City. Pathetic. These upwardly mobile parents have lost their collective minds and are dragging their innocent 2 year olds along behind them. They start their preschool aged children’s  lives,  feeling as if a starting gun had just gone off and all the sudden they’ve got to be smarter, richer and better than just about anyone else to get their little one into the RIGHT daycare. How sad is that? To be not even three years old and have your parents consider you and themselves LOSERS if this nearly impossible goal is not accomplished. Talk about stacking the deck for a lifetime failure, not to mention insuring years of analysis for each and every one of them that live with such frightened parents.  

 To depend arbitrarily on these strangers to complete your picture of you and your children’s life is insanity. You have to be responsible for keeping the craziness out of your child’s life, not inviting it in.  Why would you subject yourself and your child to such a toxic enviroment? And would parents that were really fit emotionally do so? I doubt it. 

How much more important it is for that child to see her/his parents relating to the beginning of their school career with adventure and delight instead of focused defeat and possible lotteries and ongoing desperation to belong to the herd.

Remember the “Integrity of the Canvas”, this is your child you’re talking about, and you’ll be there every step of the way and with you teaching them first these rules…





They can handle whatever life throws at them. They’ll conquer it and be so loved. And isn’t that all you really want.  I wonder how many graduates of Harvard can boast this list of values about their fellow graduates. A life isn’t determined by what school you’ve attended, it’s about what you loved and learned in your own time.  

Remember…your child is a canvas, and remember the Integrity of the Canvas must last a lifetime. Just love them.

One response to “The Integrity of the Canvas…a childs soul wanting to learn.

  1. I like the “canvas” comparison – so true.

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