Insurance in OHIO…if you have car insurance in the state of

Ohio, you must “by law” have either the state minimum amounts or you must have a bond. I just called to re-adjust my insurance because we recently bought a car and the sales person/customer service representative (there’s an oxymoron for you!) at first said she didn’t know anything about “state minimums????

And then she stated that if that’s what I wanted, I’d have to come into the office and sign a document stating so. Pretty quick on the uptake I’d say. Customer Service Representative my foot! Definitely a salesperson I’d say, and a pretty well-trained Insurance Company one. Let the customer beware and know your law! In Ohio you only have to be insured to the state minimums period. Don’t give those insurance companies another single penny!

I wonder if the insurance companies by law have to inform their customers of this, and if so what paperwork do they couch it in?

12/13/09…just an update from the insurance company…my premiums have been cut in HALF!  How’s that for “let the buyer beware!” Make them give you those “State Minumums” required by law.

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