“Say yes to the Dress”…here’s an idea…

What if you or they could create a thingy (computer program?) that would produce a scan or current replica of your body type and you could dress the image, hologram, virtual reality thingy in the wedding dresses “ad infinitum”. It would become “a must have” for most bride-to-be’s and could also be used any time to try virtually any clothes on, with out the browbeating friends or crazed advisors or exhausting trips to various store locations far far away…what an idea…to shop to your hearts delight…designer wear, Kmart whatever…in the privacy of your own home, with a current image of your body on the screen. Able to see from virtually any angle how the thing looks . Now there’s an Idea!

(its all WORDS, its all WORDS…if you get the right words people get the right idea.)

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