It only takes a moment…

to be loved a whole life long. And to say…God bless, Jerry Herman and all songwriters that leave such love in their wake…

Over this weekend I watched a kid’s movie called “Wall-e” that just left me in tears and laughter. In the movie a song from the “Hello Dolly” musical was used. The song is so keenly poignant to illustrate just how little it takes to be loved forever. The line is..

“It only takes a moment…to be loved a whole life long.”

with a melody so joyful as to be enthralling it simply reduces the listeners to a state of wonder and awe by its simplicity in fact. I wonder if that songwriter (Mr. Jerry Herman) had any clue as to the millions and millions of people he was giving relief and compassion and hope to? That song and others like it remind me just how precious the Poets and Songwriters are…the next time you hear any song that gives you such hope and compassion and understanding say a silent prayer that songwriter…their work will live centuries after them and continue to do good. God bless the songwriters.

I would that the creator of “Greensleeves” slept in peace and is blessed…as all poets and writers who leave peace and love behind them should be. Songwriting, now here’s a profession that makes a difference and saves souls through soothing compassion, and sometimes laughter but the goal remains the same…to ease others way.

I had forgotten just how lovely life can be till this song reminded me of falling in love all over again and how wonderful it is…and now I find myself humming his other amazing song this time of year,

 “We need a little Christmas”… from Auntie Mame. This lovely man’s legacy will be his ability to lull us into relaxing long enough to understand just how simple the important things in life really are. Bless you Mr. Herman, for entertaining and teaching us all with beautiful music and lyrics that explain the simplicity the really important things in life to us. Bless the songwriters.

We need a little more Mr. Jerry Herman!

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