Things to be Thankful for this year…you and

A world of others, 6743 to be exact have logged onto this website since early March. And quite a few have left wonderful comments on the material. A few diehards (loves of my life) even stayed up all night just to read it through. Yes, Laura, Melissa and Eileen I’m talking to you! Your encouragement and Kate’s has meant the world to my continuing effort to make some sense of this world. Most of the time our world just makes me laugh or shake my head or bring back memories but occasionally it forces me to pull out that old “soapbox” and lecture. Forgive, it’s like Christ said about the Romans…I know not what I do. I only know when I perceive something wrong and then that damn “principle of the thing” rears its ugly head and I can’t think until I clear that (what I feel) injustice.

Anyway back to Thanks…to each and every one of you guys for your correspondence and encouragement.  To my wonderful son for thoughtful family promises always kept, to my oldest beautiful daughter for constant assurances and hours of listening to all my FREE advice by phone, your place in heaven is guaranteed! To our beautiful middle daughter…the babies keep coming and I can’t get over what a wonderful Mom and beautiful wife you are. And to the littlest who’s nursing school is now behind her and her future training an ongoing sacrifice, you’ve proven what your old Dad and I always knew to be true, you are the image of that grand gal Peg. You guys are our reason for thanks.  And finally to the Con-man, Jay and our Nana…what you have done to our children’s lives is make them all worthwhile…they’re just beginning to realize that’s how we’ve always felt about them. I love you guys. Happy Thanksgiving,2009!!

2 responses to “Things to be Thankful for this year…you and

  1. Love you!

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