Slave labor for the Hospitality Industry in America…

Are you aware that the “Hospitality and Tourism Industry” uses slave labor of young girls and boys from Panama and Eastern European countries to keep their bottom line appropriately fat? Not the little Mom and Pop Motels but the BIG Guys…Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn, Sleep Inn, Fairfield Inn, Cedar Point Amusement Park, McDonald’s etc. These Kids are signed to contracts and are then flown into the States take jobs at local hotel and motels but inevitably the one job is not enough it barely pays their housing charges. They are so overcharged for everything their rooms and transportation, that they have to pick up 2 or 3 part-time jobs to make any money at all. So for each Panamanian or Eastern European Kid you see in the summer at the desk at “Sleep Inn”, or answering for your order at McDonald’s… you’re talking 2 maybe 3 part-time jobs, 1 full-time job and they’re particular visions of being a summer Slave laborer in America,  returning to these countries. Not exactly what we want our reputation to be, over in Eastern Europe or South American.  

All while not hiring or dealing with American Teens or Adults. What  Hospitality (hotel, motel)  Industry does is this… the big boys band together and they use as a front an”Employment agency” that goes into poor Countries like Panama or poor Eastern European countries where there is little to no future for these fresh out of high school kids and they recruit massive amounts of these kids (17-21 yr olds), then they sign them to a contract from hell, and get them over here for the “Season”,  Meanwhile, they fly them over here, put them up in their own hotels, so as to make arrangements so they’re as close to their jobs as possible. These kids are paid minimum wage and charged through the nose for their travel, their uniforms, their housing, EVERYTHING. So the Employers never lose a penny on this pool of guaranteed slave labor. And there’s no end to the abuse of overworking them. How can you say no to a 2nd or 3rd shift, when your very accommodations, your very presence in this country is dependent upon your employer?

Ergo, SLAVE LABOR. Shame on the United States for allowing this substantial employment atrocity to continue unregulated and uninvestigated in this time of dire unemployment. These Kids are being forced to accept work conditions that can only be described as “SLAVE  LABOR”. Somebody’s  palms are being greased in Washington, but good. The government reps routinely look the other way each summer when these kids flood the jobs of the tourism industry here in America. And they seem to have no difficulty getting hundreds of these kids through Homeland Security at Airports across the country.  Both in getting these massive amounts of kids to come over here on work visas’ and then in ignoring the abuses and sweatshop conditions of their Employment. Not to mention the limiting of employment of Americans in the Industry.

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