Free TV…cut off that cable company at the knees!!

If you’re looking for a way to lighten your monthly bills (and who isn’t?), you might try telling your Cable or DishTV company you are no longer interested in their tv services and watch tv online.

There are any number of sites online that show old and new tv shows for FREE. Visit to start with and then there are film clips on  about “Free tv online” , that tell you just how to find and use all the sites available. 

And don’t forget, usually each and every channel has an online streaming video…like for instance when John Tidyman was interviewed on the Robin Swoboda show called “That’s Life” about his new book “Gimme Rewrite,Sweetheart!”, well I’m too far away to get Cleveland’s local channels so I just went to that channels website and clicked on her show and then clicked on streaming video and there was the interview as it was going on. It’s the terminology that we newbie computer users need to know…streaming video ..for instance means its available online to watch at the same time. But go to NBC, CBS,ABC, TBS, and Discovery, Biography, or whatever website you want and you can watch on your computer just about anything that offered on tv. FOR FREE!    

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