Reports from the farside…

I saw the Doctor yesterday and this happened.

The Doctor said, do you still feel such a sense of hopelessness and depression as before? (Now, mind you the last time she had seen me I had my car die at East 55th and Central in Cleveland. I live about 200 light years from there and it’s not the safest of neighborhoods. So, I had to leave it for the city to tow and now I had no way home, no AAA coverage to call for help no cell phone minutes, I had been unable to work in the last 3 years because of breathing difficulties, was about to be evicted, and have my heat & lights (ergo, my oxygen turned off also.)

So I explained that no, I was in a much better place because my financial problems had been taken care of and now I was safe. The lights and the heat would stay on and the landlord had been paid. She still looked puzzled, like she just didn’t get it. 

 Long after I left I realized I should have told her…the ill health doesn’t really bother me, I know I’m diabetic, I know I have c.o.p.d.   After all you know we’re all dying… but you don’t want to die homeless,  or in the dark.

I think that she would have understood…

2 responses to “Reports from the farside…

  1. It’s amazing how some people do not realize the extreme stress and pain that can come with financial peril.

    • they never take that into account when diagnosing a persons problems…it’s as if in looking at the physical body they are blind to the damages wreaked by the psyche by poverty. They miss the depriciation of shame, the malnutrition of spirit. This is what kills. That’s why financial well being is just as important as physical. The ability to make a decent income or provide for yourself through your own effort is just a matter of personal dignity each human deserves.
      love you, and thanks Sue

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