Forget the Somali Pirates…go for the big guns and get those Wall Street Pirates

I can’t belive the world’s attention is on the tiny little band of the unwashed robbing corporations one ship at a time. Try opening your eyes and take a look at who’s really stealing the entire country blind. Wall Street. Hedge funds? Look up the word “hedge” in American Heritage Dictionary…you’ll fnd it’s just another way of saying “an intentionally ambiguous statement”…now what do you think that is? Call it as you see it “A LIE” so, go after these Pirates, the ones that have stolen our Retirement Funds and Future for our children by bankrupting entire School Systems and Libraries…Don’t let them off. You can lay 1,ooo murder/suicides at each Wall Street door and that still would not equal the outright atrocities that these money changers have  caused with their lies and outright theft through padding their books and backing each others lies up. There must be justice, not just for the likes of Bernie Madoff, but for every suit that ever verified those lying books, and secured the selling out of America Economy…so I guess in the end, what good for Business, is not necessarily good for people…it may be deadly.  


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