Late for work? Were the Police involved?

Years ago as my Mother prepared for work, (she was a nurse and getting in her pre-work shower and putting on her whites), my brother’s pet Kitten became ensnared in the inkwell of an old school desk that we had and used as a bedside table. All she could hear after she turned off the shower was..Yeoooow, yeoooow…as Wilbur struggled to get the kitten out. He finally called to Mom for help and in she came all prepared with jar of vaseline and a chisel and hammer.  

   20 minutes later, the police appeared at the door saying the neighbors had been a little concerned with the repeated…Whack, eeeyoow, Whack, Eeeeeyowww! They thought she was beating a baby when she really probably only wanted to kill my brother. She did however get that kitten out and to work on time!

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