The one that got away…shopping cart that is…

In the wee hours this morning I went huffing and puffing to my local big box store getting the last of the Christmas presents so I can mail them off after Thanksgiving when in that huge empty lot there appeared my old computer tech, working part-time this his umpteenth job, this hard worker was rounding up carts and when I waved “Hi” when he came over to say hello. I told him about the blog and how much fun I was having and he donated some great stories on the “Psychology of Carts”…shopping carts that is.

1st he told me a story about a lady that came out with a fully loaded cart, finished transferring her stuff to her car and then just pushed it to the front of her car’s parking area, instead of putting back in its corral. Well damned if that wind didn’t catch that cart and run it right back into car. Then she noticed my friend, out there collecting carts and she went over and told him she’d sue!!! How dare that cart hit her new Cadillac!. Well that rascal couldn’t stop smiling as he pointed out repeatedly all the signs stating that the Place of Business wasn’t responsible for damage to cars in the lot.

This hardworking soul collects these carts with a little machine that pushes them for him and on more than one occasion, he been asked for a lift to the front of the store. He’s even done that on some rare occasions. But the best was last week, when we had wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour and the carts had a mind of their own. A little old man came out of the store and held onto that cart for dear life and then he transferred his bags to his car and then very carefully returned the cart to the corral but as he returned to his car the wind caught that cart and pushed it right back, following him all the way to his little car…he determindly, pushed the cart back into the corral again, not once, not twice …but three times until my friend finally interceded as the old gentleman was about to try for a 4th trip back with that wayward cart.

One response to “The one that got away…shopping cart that is…

  1. What a thoughtful guy to take that cart back time after time. People never think those little acts are noticed, but they are.

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