Family Echoes from the past…

Just last night I was lucky enough to get a call from my wonderful cousin Dan. We talked at length about different family stories and I encouraged him to send me some that I could post here for others to find. I explained how amazed I had been by the numerous responses to the “Spellacy” family information I had posted here.

Then among my family research notes this morning I found this…”John McCombs and oldest son William (born on Christmas eve 1772), moved to Ohio in 1800 from Pennsylvania. Just like in author Conrad Richter’s story “The Trees” , this was then a very scary Great Forest. 

William had a farm that adjoined his Parents farm. William and family were Charter members of “Poland Presbyterian Chuch” and are buried along with his parents in the church cemetary in Poland Township Ohio, in what is now Mahoning County, Ohio.

I don’t know if you guys have ever read Conrad Richter’s trilogy on pioneers of the old Northwest frontier but it’s phenomenal. If you get a chance it will give you a head’s up as to what type of people your descended from, some pretty stoic souls and some great reading.

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