Playing Bumper Cars in the backyard again?

Years ago, I had stopped down at my Father’s big old house on Clifton Blvd to visit with my Dad and Sisters and as usual that house on a Saturday or Sunday was Grand Central. Everybody was coming and going. But all stopping in with a gaggle of kids for a sandwich or a potty break or a quick cup of coffee and a couple of Mary Ellen’s hilarious stories. Well on that particular day,  it was really congested in the backyard where the driveway blossomed out into a huge half circle in front of the various garages. There were any number of cars on that shared driveway apron. Neighbors, Sisters, Aunts , Uncles…and in the midst of it all a small never ending pickup basketball game of whoever happened by that could still dribble a ball, if the ball was to be found at all. So we parked and hurried in, the kids and I.  

And sure enough in what seemed like just a minute we were headed back out again, and in the hurry I turned and yelled at my daughter to close her door as I already started backing up and sure enough, my open door (i had forgotten to close) caught on my sister Mary’s car. Susan, God love her didn’t even laugh at me…she could see just how upset and angry I had become, first screaming at her and then not even securing my own door…what an idiot. So I got out of the car and barreled back into the house, to tell Mary Ellen just how I had hit her car. Luckily we were both insured, by the same guy…A guy Mary had recommended.  I was however somewhat ashamed about the nature of the accident…so thoughtless. But Mary told me not to be so upset, it was ok, why our Insurance Agent had the same thing happen just a week ago just like this. When in the same yard two more of my sisters had bumped into each other. Poor soul, that particular agent insured all of us.Now there’s a saint. At that point I felt pretty relieved and human. After all if my wonderful standup sisters could make this same mistake, it wasn’t just me. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t accuse us of playing “Bumper Cars”in the backyard.

Photo Google Source : Life

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