My boy…

My boy, when he was little he liked to scare me. He would laugh and laugh when he pulled his monster face or made scary noises and I took off waving my hands and screaming and acting all afraid. It set that little boy into gales of laughter to see his big Mama running for her life. The whole concept of being able to scare his Mama made that little child delight in the ludicrous appearance of fear.  I can still remember playing “fee, fi, fo,” with he and his sister running and my chasing them around on my knees.  I would look very quietly over at him and quietly say,   fee?….His eyes would light up and by the time I said “fo?…” both he and his sister would be running. So this running and terrifying each other traces back to that sport of chasing them catching them and tickling and laughing with them. But I never connected the dots till now. 

I can remember him sitting in his high chair looking at me and very quietly saying “fee?”. Yipes!!! I say,  that boy has been making me laugh and running me ragged ever since.

 1st it was his trips to the Metroparks valley at twelve years old, on his mountain bike with his band of merry men (other buddies) to their leafy hideout’s that this Robin Hood/Peter Pan part of his character was building, then as he grew came his interest in his Grandfathers profession, Police work. Off to college to major in Criminal Justice and then onto working for the courts and th U.S. Marshal’s office. Then some long hard time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Paying dues. Those guys at the Marshal’s office had told him that to get a really good job, he’d have to have Military experience. I could have strangled those guys.

Of course the building of swords and Martial Arts weapons in the basement at the age of seven, on his grandfathers workbench should have been a high sign as to where this kid was heading…

But now I was really terrified, he went into the army against all my will and best advice and now he’s a raving success having totally not taken any advice I ever gave him on careers. After all the only Money advice I ever gave him was on buying a home. And look where that went! Housing prices dropped faster than a lead balloon after that boy took my advice. That’ll teach him to break with tradition, he follows his own counsel and I am so proud of the phenom he is. What pleases me the most is what a great friend, Dad, Husband and brother he’s turned out to be…People just light up at the mention of his name…just like his Grandpa. Go figure…it takes all that not listening to and aggravating of your Mom to be such a magnificent son.But he can still make me laugh harder that anyone I know and I gotta tell you, not taking my advice and going out and living a life of his own has made him a “Man’s Man”, and I love him so.

2 responses to “My boy…

  1. You know, it’s not the advice on houses, college majors, and jobs that he didn’t listen to that helped to make him the man he is.
    It was the advice on love, faith, hope, and humor that he did listen to.
    You were and you are better at this mothering than you think.

  2. I may not know my strengths but I know you two, and what you guys have accomplished is AMAZING. Daily you both live lives that make a difference and I love you so.
    and I really do know my strengths… and they are you two, the best.

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