Sunshine in my day…

I dreamt I was standing in the umpteenth Pharmacy Line . And when I finally got to the top of the line all the little men Pharmacists appeared blind except for a little guy in the back who scowled at the others and came racing around to assist me. Sweet guy, he took one look at the loose pills I had in my hand and went and tossed a pound of Coffee in my hand and said this should do the trick. What a guy.

In the next chapter of my dream, I was at Ida Rupp Library, I was sitting by the circular desk and the Librarian, Connie C. was working and she looked at me and beamed as only kind souls do…and suddenly every little thing was fine, forget the pharmacy lines forget the troubles whatever, so I looked at her and told her just being around her was as good as sitting in direct sunlight. Maybe better. What a wonderful soul. Makes the rest of the world so much more bearable.

We should a try what she does, just smile and be gracious…and you’ll be spreading that sunshine, it’s so much more helpful than all the pills in the world. We all have to make the trip here, but this actually makes the trip a lot easier. Being near a soul like Connie. Sitting in sunshine.

One response to “Sunshine in my day…

  1. Just wonderful, and what a compliment to that Connie 🙂

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