How to find the McCombs Family History

1st) first go to or click on .

2nd)  When you get there go to the top right of the screen and enter in the search box John McCombs Family, hit enter.

3rd)  then scoot your cursor down and click on the words John McCombs Family.

4th) Now look in the upper left hand corner of the screen, see that small blinking image? Click on it.

5th) Now the book should appear and you can use the page turning arrows at the top right to turn the pages. Tons of McCombs Info!

Book by John Clark Ward in 1897 so the last person you might find from your family tree could be like me my Grandfather Edward Congdon Brown on page 16!

Our family history is pretty neat and sometimes it reads like “The Princess Bride”, shades of Bonnie Prince Charlie clandestine trips to Ireland then onto the Colony only to fight the English again in the Revolutionary War. Really a neat read about some amazing souls. Enjoy connecting the dots of your family…and to my Rauckhorst cousins follow Jane V. Scott line back and you’ll find she’s related to everybody. Same with the Nelson family from John Nelson’s daughter that married into the McCombs clan. But more about them later. Now just peek at the McCombs and that will give you food for thought the entire day!

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