If they don’t play by the rules, you don’t have to play by them either!

Years ago, during the last painful throes of my 1st marriage, my husband’s Mother passed away. She had suffered from  Alzheimer’s for years and had been moved from her home in Upstate New York to a Nursing Home in Ohio. Near her daughter, who was her legal guardian and executor of her will. When she passed away and my former Sister-in-Law went to Rochester to collect all the necessary papers to file the estate in Monroe County, Rochester, New York…she found that her oldest child had absconded with them and given them to her private attorney in Rochester.

Well, Jean (my former Sister-in-Law) could not get this Jackass of an Attorney to release these papers to her. So she promptly got an attorney in Rochester and he tried to get them from this jerk, but the guy would not give them up. So Jean called my husband and complained bitterly. As usual he didn’t know what to do about it either and was quite frustrated. I imagine anyone would be. I have been very fortunate in having an Relatives that are Judges, and felt comfortable calling the Probate Court in Monroe County and letting the clerk know just what was happening in our particular case and who the attorney was that was illegally holding onto this estate. The clerk informed me that this Judge had many other difficulties with this particular Attorney and If I would call back when the Judge got back from his “Golfing Trip”, he would surely be interested in this matter. So I pressed the clerk about what his “Honor’s” name was, and  where the judge was,  and when he would return.

 I then thanked her and said I would return the call when the Judge came back from his trip.

Then I called that Swindler/Attorney’s office again and got the secretary that wouldn’t let me speak to that attorney and I told her that was all right. I just wanted to notify them that I had talked to my UNCLE…Probate Judge So-and-So of Monroe County, Rochester, New York, and while he was out on his annual golf outing he would handle this matter personally, as soon as he returned which he assured me would be the following Monday. So I’d just let my Uncle handle it. Thank You very much!

Those files were dropped off at Jean’s Attorney’s Office within the hour…every file.

He called Jean here in Norwalk, Ohio and asked, “What did you do? The entire estate file had been dropped off in a cardboard box” He had fully expected months of wrangling in Court.

It doesn’t pay to aggravate an unhappy woman, even at a distance. And hey, if the “Officer of the Court” (the Attorney) isn’t playing by the rule book…you can toss it too. But I suggest you aim it at him.

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