Funny thing is, “Comedy” can be very unforgiving…

Every great Actor (with the exception of Whoopi Goldberg) who has gotten famous for their comedy chops first has never been able to recoup and make that transition to Drama in the Arts. 

It’s just a fact, once you have touched people in such a way to delight their soul and leave them in a state humorous euphoria there’s no going back. People love to get high on humor, they hate to get down with sadness and depression.  They’ll forgive you, trying to make them scared or trying to make them cry but you’ll just be TRYING. Usually they will ALWAYS associate that person and their appearance on the screen with joy. It’s one of those unforgivable and unchangeable facts, most people would much rather laugh their asses off as to cry until they’re so upset they’re sucking air. Ergo, people innately refuse to allow that “known” source of  joy and comedy any other mask. 

Comedy, done right is so much more than drama. Nobody wants to be unhappy, even if it’s the correct emotion for the story, nobody really wants to go there. We have to go there too often in real life. God Bless the Comedians, and as the song says, “Don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me…stay Funny Valentine, stay!”

But oddly enough Dramatic Actors can usually make the leap into comedy by simply twisting the line, by changing up the pattern of the diction or by an inflection in the voice or a raised eyebrow. Paul Newman was a perfect example of this amazing timing in “Nobody’s Fool”. Now there’s a hilarious, funny, sad great Christmas movie…but it took someone the caliber of  Newman to bring it off.  

A list to laugh your ass off by…

Nobody’s Fool= Paul Newman

Beautiful Joe= Billy Connolly

Mermaids= Cher (hilarious)

Riding in Cars with Boys=Drew Barrymore

Jumping Jack Flash=Whoopi Goldberg

Harvey=Jimmy Stewart   (Thanks Sandy!)

Another Stake-Out=Emilio Estavez   (Thanks Susan!)

And push the EASY BUTTON, join Netflix Online and just order it online and watch it right away. So much easier than waiting on the mail or driving to the video store or “Redbox”.

9 responses to “Funny thing is, “Comedy” can be very unforgiving…

  1. And to add to that list, Toshiro Mifune.

    Great dramatic actor who could also pull off comedy very well. As you said, all by changing just a few points in the performance.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and any suggestions on Toshirio Mifune’s movies you’d recommend?


  3. You might want to add Jimmy Stewart – Harvey to The man who shot Liberty Valance – He moved back and forth between laughs and tears easily. Visit me at

    • Thanks for stopping by. And the suggestion on Jimmy Stewart, with your kind permission Sandy, “Harvey” (that classic) is on the list!

  4. Can I also suggest Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez in “Another Stake-out”? SO funny 🙂

  5. Mifune was in Rashomon playing a hawkish, slightly unhinged, bandit with a comedic touch. At the same time did serious work as in the Seven Samurai.

    Also in Yojimbo and Sanjuro (the sequel) where he effortlessly injects humor into an otherwise serious character.

    What’s really amazing is that good actors can sway in and out of atmosphere in the same movie while showing or covering some aspect of the same character’s personality.

    • Oops, forgot Hell in the Pacific.

      That movie really captures his humor dispite the desperate circumstances of the character.

      • Dear Eksith,
        Thanks for the comments. I’m off to register for Netflix online and see if I can get them. Great Suggestions!

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